Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cat vs. Toilet

Most of the cats we've seen have a vengeance against toilet paper. blugrnlg's cat took out the whole toilet seat. You'll have to click over to see it, because they have their flickr settings such that I couldn't nab a link.

Cat vs. iPhone Charger

look what my cat did while i was in the shower Thanks to bettyx1138 at flickr. Sorry about the charger. My cat has eaten 3 so far. You'd think I would learn, but they wait for you to show weakness.

Our first death

This photo was shared by kuzco_cat at flickr. It is a blood stain left by a rodent "present." Um, thanks. Condolences and blacklights here.

Cat vs. Wii

Electro Dad's cat did a number on his Wii. At first I thought that number was "Number 2," but I'm pretty sure this came out the front end. Send your sympathy here.

No, I insist, it's yours now

Let this be a warning to you

Not exactly on theme, but it seemed appropriate.

Source: via Lucy on Pinterest

More toilet paper destruction

Look out below

Um.. oops

Source: via Ann on Pinterest